New LHS Album Released


The latest LHS album, entitled “Seven,” was released on December 7th, 2017. It is available online at the following link:


Written during the same sessions that produced two of our previous albums (mostly At the Hotel and Shine On Everything) 2017’s Seven doesn’t play like remnants, hopefully. As with past efforts, Seven is steeped in the tradition of Americana, spinning yarns with sprawling songs like “When the Rooster Crows” and “Goodbye Janey” while often incorporating a harder-rocking edge in tunes like “Slippin’ Away” and “Blow Wind Blow.” Recorded in a single room, with band members playing more or less in a round, perhaps the songs work best when they run a little fast and loose, with as few overdubs as possible, letting harmonies and parts bounce off each other, clashing and interacting to create a new freshness. Without a straight-ahead ballad on this album (although we come close to a ballad with “Is This the Time?”), the track list focuses on the blues and funk-influenced jams that we have played to keep the dance floors filled to the best of our abilities since the band’s inception, including “Bloodstained Hands,” a song that people have been telling us to record for years. The goal is to celebrate tradition and we are happy to highlight our roots with bluesy licks and weary harmonies because that is the language that we learned early on and continue to speak with our music. Through these ten sturdy compositions, we’ve tried to capture an indistinct past that our rock n’ roll forefathers always seemed to be chronicling, where crackling guitars and boogie-woogie pianos are a durable asset. We’ve come to realize that our strength lies in the overall feel as well as having gratitude for the past without being caught up in our heritage.


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