Tour Dates

left hand smoke5

Here are the upcoming shows for Left Hand Smoke:

Fri, 10/22/10 High Dive in Seattle, WA

Sat, 11/27/10 Club Crow in Cashmere, WA

Fri, 12/10/10 John’s Alley in Moscow, ID

Sat, 1/15/11 Triple Door in Seattle, WA

See you at the shows!


3 thoughts on “Tour Dates

  1. Hi guys!~! Was just checking tour dates again. Won’t you PLEASE come back to Boise or even better, Twin Falls, sometime soon? Fell in love with your sound at the Blues Boquet in Boise long ago, and my son listended, liked and caught shows in Moscow while he was in college there. I ALSO need to find out where to replace my CDs of all your records, I have worn my to a frazzle of static over the years. Rock on!!

    Sue Greer

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